What is the Difference between the e-Tax Software and the e-Tax Software (WEB version)?

Answer: The e-Tax software (WEB version) is a system provided so that taxpayers can use the basic functions of the e-Tax software on web browsers through the Internet.

The e-Tax software (WEB version) differs from the e-Tax software in the following points:

  1. Types of procedures available to complete

    Please refer to "1. e-Tax software (WEB version)" for procedures available with the e-Tax software (WEB version).

  2. An environment with an Internet connection is required

    Please refer to "2. Check the operating environment" for the recommended environment for the e-Tax software (WEB version).

  3. How to prepare the data for legal records

    The data for legal records can be prepared by entering each statement or using a CSV file.
    Please refer to "2. Preparation of documents by using the e-Tax software (WEB version)" for details.

  4. How to request the issuing of certificates of tax payment

    When users request the issuing of certificates of tax payment using the e-Tax software (WEB version) and receive these at the counter at Tax Offices, users can complete the procedure without using an electronic certificate or an IC card reader/writer.
    For details, please refer to "1. When receiving certificates of tax payment in writing (details) (Japanese)".

  5. Flow of proxy transmission conducted by tax accountants, etc.

    With the e-Tax software, tax accountants, etc. enter the tax accountants’ information on the basic information registration screen and conduct a proxy transmission, using user files (user identification numbers) of taxpayers.
    On the other hand, with the e-Tax software (WEB version), tax accountants, etc. log in using tax accountants’ user identification numbers and then enter the user information.

* Reference:
Please refer to "What is the difference between e-Tax and the ‘page for creating tax return forms’ ? (Japanese)" for the difference between "e-Tax" and the "page for creating tax return forms".

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